Get Started

Interested in joining CrossFit? Click here, drop by or call us at 821-5555 so we can discuss your membership. 

How Much Does It Cost?

In order to join 501 CrossFit, you must be a member of the North Little Rock Athletic Club. The following CrossFit fees are in addition to the regular Athletic Club fees

1st person on membership—$50 per month
2nd and 3rd people on membership—$25 each
4th+ person - no charge

Your account will be automatically drafted on the 12th of the month. If you want to stop doing CrossFit, you have to let us know by the 15th of the month PRIOR to the month you want to stop. 

What Are Fundamental Classes? 

As you understand by now, using proper technique is what keeps you safe in CrossFit. In order to ensure you know what you’re doing, all newcomers to CrossFit will have to receive passing marks on CrossFit’s eight basic exercises before moving into the regular classes. These exercises have been divided into A, B, C and D classes. We’ll rotate when each class is offered so that everyone has an opportunity to attend without too much inconvenience. There is no additional fee for these classes and you are welcome to return for a skill refresher even after you graduate to regular classes. 

You can complete these classes one-on-one with a trainer. To schedule your Fundamental classes please contact the membership office today! 

What If I Want To Try It First?

Feel free to drop-in to any of our regularly scheduled classes and talk to one of our awesome coaches!

What's In It For Me? 

Besides great shape, you’ll get a WOD book for tracking your improvement and a lacrosse ball when you register. (We’ll explain the lacrosse ball thing when you start.) Once you’ve gotten all your fundamental exercises, you’ll get a CrossFit t-shirt.

I've Done Crossfit Before, Can I Start In Regular Classes?

Sure, after you prove to us you know what you’re doing. We’d like to think that all “boxes” are as stringent on safety as we are but the reality is that they are not. For your protection, you will need to meet with a CrossFit coach and show him or her the eight basic exercises. If you pass them all, you are welcome to start in regular classes. If some need work, the coach will send you to the appropriate Fundamentals class. Membership will help you schedule the “trial” with a coach.