Thanksgiving WOD!

In Teams of 2, perform the Following:

  • "Turkey Day Massacre"
  • 26 Minute AMRAP for as many points as possible
    • Gymnastic Movements:
      • 20 sit-ups: 2 pts
      • 1 rope climb: 5 pts
      • 10 pull-ups: 5 pts
      • 20 push-ups: 5 pts
      • 20 kb swings (American 53/35): 10 pts
      • 30 air squats: 10 pts
      • Ring or Bar muscle-up: 3 pts
    • Barbell Movements:
      • Any movement with (95/65): 1 pt per rep
      • Back Squat, Front Squat, Ground to Overhead, Push Press, SDHP, Deadlift, Power Clean, Snatch....
  • Teams are in charge of keeping up with their reps/pts
  • If odd number of people, talk the coach into doing it! If it's Robert, leave him no choice.
  • 1 Partner works at a time.
  • Choose any movements you want BUT you can't do the same movement twice in a row EXCEPT for muscle-ups.  You can link muscle-ups for multiple points.  But, you can't fall and then do muscle-ups again.  Partners can do the same movement back to back, but each individual cannot do the same movement twice in a row.  You can rotate between movements as much as you want.  Mix it up to make it fun!